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Acrylic & Birch USB Box

Acrylic & Birch USB box with Crystal USB.

The popularity of Birch combined with the subtle branding that shows with laser engraving on acrylic makes for a pleasing product that any photographer is proud to share with their client. Revealing the Crystal USB within, embedded in a custom fit foam bedding and an option for engraving on  the Crystal or body of the USB.

The selection of USB 2.0 is in Silver, Gold or Rose gold as well as a dark wood.

Birch box with Acrylic lid and Crystal USB : including engraving on lid and USB

Quantity Unit Price : 32gb USB 2.0 + Box
1 R 315.00    including engraving on lid and USB
5 R 285.00
10 R 245.00
20 R 230.00


USB’s are available without the boxes, including Engraving.

Quantity Unit Price : 32gb USB 2.0    NO BOX
1 R 245.00    USB Only  with engraving
5 R 220.00    USB Only  with engraving
20 R 190.00    USB Only  with engraving
50 R 170.00    USB Only  with engraving


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