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The Alpha Pro – Ultra HD Photobook

ultra HD Photobooks

ULTRA High Definition Lay-Flat Photobook.

The Alpha Pro Photobooks are part of our premium storybook range,  printed on our infamous Fujifilm Frontier Drylab for the ultimate in print quality. These Ultra High Definition prints are flat mounted back-to-back to form a firm page with a neat centre fold and true Lay-flat display. Printing on Fujifilm paper delivers a pure white base page, the Fujifilm ink range produces brilliant colour and crisp contrast with healthy skin tones and seamless gradations.

Available in 9 size options.

The Alpha Pro has a full wrap-around, personalised hard cover, which allows printing on the back, front and on the spine. The thickness of the spine adjusts to your selected number of pages. Available in 20 to 50 pages (20 pages = 10 double page spreads). Page 1 on the left, page 2 is on the right.

Alternative Covers:

Available in genuine leather, bamboo, leatherette, personalised canvas, personalised textile or rustic wood - with optional laser engraving where applicable.

The Alpha Pro is available in nine sizes.

Alpha StoryBooks Standard Cover Metal or Birch (New) Acrylic / Perspex Genuine Leather Rustic (Wood) Additional Pages (Left & Right)
Alpha 6×6” (150x150mm) R485.00 R 595.00 R695 R 725.00 R 550.00 R30 per spread
Alpha 6×9” (150x225mm) R555.00 R 695.00 R795 R 795.00 R 600.00 R30 per spread
Alpha 9×9” (225x225mm) R775.00 R 995.00 R1100 R 1295.00 R 850.00 R59 per spread
Alpha 8×12” (200x300mm) R950.00 R 1,250.00 R1450 R 1649.00 R 1050.00 R69 per spread
Alpha 12×9” (300x225mm) R995.00 R 1,350.00 R1550 R 1649.00 R 1100.00 R77 per spread
Alpha 12×12” (300x300mm) R1435.00 R 1,795.00 R1995 R 2195.00 R 1600.00 R79 per spread
Alpha 10×15” (250x375mm) R1435.00 R 1,795.00 R1995 R 2195.00 R 1600.00 R89 per spread
Alpha 12×18” (300x450mm) R1975.00 R 2,495.00 R2995 R 2495.00 R 2150.00 R120 per spread
Alpha 18×18” (450x450mm) R3395.00 R 3,995.00 R4395 R 4195.00 R 3595.00 R250 per spread

Trio Bundles: Based on two identical copies, one size smaller.

Alpha 8x12" plus 2x 6x9" *R 1790 .00
Alpha 10x15" plus 2x 8x12" *R 2,990.00
Alpha 9x9" plus 2x 6x6" *R 1,590.00
Alpha 12x12" plus 2x 9x9" *R 2,690.00

*Trio Bundle prices apply to the standard book as defined on the individual product page. Additional pages are charged at the standard rate. Upgrades are possible, the price will however differ and we highly recommend requesting a quote in advance.

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For bulk orders, please request a quote.

When will my book be ready?

All products follow a 7 working day cycle. Your deadline will be confirmed via e-mail, or in-store, once it is booked into production. If the production team are at capacity, this time may need to be reassessed. Printing only begins once the payment notice has been received. Urgent orders will incur an express fee.

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