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Cappuccino Custom Coffee Table Book


“Something different”:

As photo books grow ever popular, they tend to look the same as all other photo books on the market. Over the years we have worked closely with photographers and often ask what they want, the clear answer is, “we are looking for something different”. Photo books that do not look like ‘just another photo book’ but rather add unique elements that allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Creative possibilities:

Our new Cappuccino Custom will allow clients to create unique looking covers, not just with photographs but with the very materials the cover is made of. Covers can be created from a selection of woods, composites and acrylics, limited by the imagination alone. It opens up an avenue of possibilities that allow engraving on the cover, or the option of cutting out parts of the cover to allow images, graphics or text to show through. These books can then be accompanied by boxes with identical design to create an entire presentation set, even USB or DVD cases could be included.


Available in Bamboo!


How to order:

As the cover offers so many possibilities, it is best to view samples or meet with one of our team to discuss the requirements. The content of the book can be submitted using our regular Cappuccino Coffee Table Book option in the Studio22 Album Maker software. Be sure to mention in your ‘comments’ box that you are submitting a Cappuccino Custom Cover.

Price structure:

Due to the endless possibilities available, the price list below excludes laser engraving or cutting. Sophisticated and detailed effects and combinations will need to be quoted, according to time and additional materials needed.



Laser engraving and cutting : R150 per cover.

Cappuccino Custom: Per 30 page book
A5 coming soon.  
A4 Cappuccino Custom R 650.00     add R100 for Bamboo
A3 Cappuccino Custom R 950.00     add R300 for Bamboo
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