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Colour Correction

Studio22 offers a colour correction service. Although the software includes a colour correction feature, it will require a calibrated screen in order for these corrections to be accurate for printing.

Colour correction is optional, however, we feel you are investing in a product that will be on display for many years and you do not want to look at it 20 years time only to wish you had made those few slight changes that make all the visual difference.

Please view the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ images in the gallery above as a quick example of the typical ‘corrections’ our team does in order for your entire book to print at its best.

The term “Colour correction” is used here to refer to not only the alternation of the colour of the image but what is most often the case, to density. The greatest portion of the corrections done are changes to lighten the dark or under exposed images. This service includes improvements to contrast, density, correction of colour temperature and saturation. This is done at the discretion of the operator. Manipulation, retouching or ‘photoshopping’ is not included. If images need to be manipulated, please discuss this with one of our design team prior to submitting your order as this type of change should be done before loading the image into the software.

In order to allow us to do correction to your images, the Studio22 Album Maker software is designed to send us the images in a separate folder, once the corrections have been made, they are processed on our server and the images are placed on the pages and sent to print.

iPhoto and similar programs do not allow us to make individual correction like the Studio22 Album Maker software, these files will need to be supplied ‘print ready’.

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