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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Safe Area" mean?

The Safe Area on the cover differs slightly from that of the pages.

  • Cover: The "Safe Area" on the cover indicates what you will see once the cover has been wrapped over the edges. We highly recommend you allow part of your image, colour or theme to overlap the "Safe Area". Text should however be kept well within the "Safe Area".
  • Pages: All layout inside the safe area will show in your book. We recommend you fill your page, do not allow your image/s the 'sit' on the line of the "safe area". The pages will not be trimmed on the line of the "safe area" as we trim off as little as possible, some of this area will show. For aesthetic reasons, recommend you allow a 'breathing space' between smaller images and the edge of the page.

Why do the images look 'poor' on the design screen?

Printing is high resolution. The preview images you see are for preview only and not at full resolution. Using high resolution files across 30 to 100 pages will cause your computer to work very slowly. Corrections you make to your images do not change your original images. On placing your order, Album Maker copies your high resolution files to send to

 How do the page numbers work?

Unless specifically requested in the comments section, all Coffee Table Books will start with page 01 on the right. Even numbers on the left, odd numbers on the right.

As Storybook albums use a different style of binding, the XW and Alpha range will start with page 01 on the left and be presented as a double page spread with page 02 on the right. Odd numbers on the left, even numbers on the right.

When will my book be ready?

All products follow a 7 working day cycle. Your deadline will be confirmed via e-mail, or in-store, once it is booked into production. If the production team are at capacity, this time may need to be reassessed. Printing only begins once the payment notice has been received. Urgent orders will incur an express fee.

Do I need an internet connection?

No internet connection is required to use Studio22 Album Maker. Although the software attempts to connect in order to check for updates, it does not need to be online to function. An internet connection will be required if you want to upload the completed product to our server. The software has a built in FTP Uploader (file transfer protocol) which connects to our server and uploads the product via your internet connection. This however can be skipped if you choose to save the files to a DVD or USB and hand it in or send it to us by post.

How do I install Studio22 Album Maker from a CD?

Insert the DVD, open the folder "Studio22 Album Maker". Double click on "SETUP.EXE" to initiate the set-up. If you have an older version of Album Maker, the new version will automatically prompt you to uninstall, confirm this and the process will continue. Click 'next', 'Next' again an agree to the End-User License Agreement to start the application.

Click 'Next' , 'Next' and install. Start the application and you are ready to create!

NOTE: You will need to enter the LAB KEY, 1001 to run the software.

How large are the Studio22 Album Maker program files?

This is displayed next to each download on the website. Download time depends on your internet connection speed. If you wish to collect a DVD or upload the software at Studio22, we are able to supply the large files with more content. If you prefer we post you a DVD, please contact us,

How to submit an order / order an album?

Click on "Order" in the top menu bar with your completed design - follow the onscreen instructions. You can choose to save the files to a CD or Flash drive or send directly to the Coffee Table Books FTP site. If you use the FTP option, it is fully automated (you will need an internet connection). If you select to bring the files yourself, the folder with the file that needs to be placed on the DVD will open automatically, the .ZIP files are the ones we need. Please do not open or rename file as our server will not recognise it.

How do I create a preview of the album to show my client AND make changes later?

To find the mini-previews of your page, find the "MPR500_submitted_Orders" folder on your C drive in Windows. It will be in a folder with the same number as your album. You will find them in the "PreviewPictures" folder. On Mac, search for "MPR500" with Finder.

How do I order multiple size albums?

If you wish to order an identical A3 and A4 book, Complete your design in the style of your choice on the largest book you plan to order. Once you have completed the design, send your single order and follow it with an e-mail to confirm the additional smaller books you would like to order (or deliver the CD to Studio22 with your request). One of our team will contact you with the prices and delivery deadline. This applies only to Cappuccino and Espresso Coffee Table Books or the XW Storybook range.

How do I process my payment?

No online payment is required while ordering your product. You are able to design and submit without delay. On receiving your order, one of our team will contact you to discuss the alternatives.

How long does it take to upload my book with the FTP option?:

The upload time depends on the file size and internet connection speed. The file size depends on the size of the book selected, number of pages and number of images. A average A4 Cappuccino with 30 pages is 90Mb.

What is the difference between Coffee Table Books and Story Book Albums?

  • Our Coffee Table Books are printed on "paper" pages with 120-200gsm paper using a world leading digital press.  The range is available in international paper sizes: A5, A4 and A3 as well as 20x20cm and 30x30cm. They are named after coffees to define the range and individual style. We also produce custom sizes in this format.
  • Our Story Book Albums, like the XW and Alpha, are our premium range and printed on genuine photographic paper and either mounted back to back or on a thick board producing a much larger and robust end product. The range is available in sizes derived from photographic paper sizes and documented in Inches.

We welcome your input! If you have a question that is not answered above, please e-mail

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