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Memory Boxes by Studio22

Memory Boxes, also called Proof boxes or Keepsake boxes. These premium crafted boxes are focussed on creating the lasting impression for your brand and images.

Proudly present your client with your digital files on a branded 16GB USB 3.0 wooden memory stick along with your elite selection of 4×6″ (100x150mm / Jumbo) proof prints packaged in our Memory Box with laser engraved branding on the spacious sliding lid.


The Options:

The Memory Box pictured above is our Birch Ply, made from 6mm European Multi-layered Birch Ply and measures approximately 220x140mm with a depth of 40mm. It is available with laser engraving on the lid and USB, we can print full colour wood printing on the lid and USB or it can be produced with a laser cut and engraved acrylic lid.  The Black Wibalin box is available with engraving or personalised photo cover, ALSO, with the addition of our UV printer, we are able to offer white ink printing, this will allow logo's and names to be printed for a very clean look.


The photographs are for illustration only and represent a recommended presentation. The prints, packaging material and ribbon are not included in any of the Memory Box prices.

 Birch Plywood with Printed or Engraved Lid:

Quantity Unit Price including branded 16GB USB 3.0
1 R 350.00
5 R 325.00
10 R 300.00
20 R 285.00

 Birch with Acrylic Lid.

Quantity Unit Price including branded 16GB USB 3.0
1 R 410.00
5 R 385.00
10 R 360.00
20 R 335.00

Black Wibalin: With engraving or Printed cover

Quantity Unit Price including branded 16GB USB 3.0
1 R 330.00
5 R 285.00
10 R 265.00
20 R 245.00

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Select an USB:

Select between one of these two options, Thick 28x60mm (with an area of 28x42mm for engraving) for larger branding or a Thin 18x60mm (with an area of 18x42mm for engraving), both from solid maple.


USB’s are available without the boxes, including Engraving.

Quantity Unit Price : 16gb USB 3.0    NO BOX
1 R 245.00    USB Only  with engraving
5 R 220.00    USB Only  with engraving
20 R 190.00    USB Only  with engraving
50 R 170.00    USB Only  with engraving

Please also see our range of PROMOTION USBs from Studio22, as USB 2.0, they cost less per unit.

Submit your own design:

The lid size is 120x230mm, the area for engraving to one side of the hole is 120x200mm (we recommend you also allow ‘breathing space’).

When will my order be ready?

All products follow a 7 working day cycle. Your deadline will be confirmed via e-mail, or in-store, once it is booked into production. If the production team are at capacity, this time may need to be reassessed. Printing only begins once the payment notice has been received. Urgent orders will incur an express fee.

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