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Palm Pager : Brag Book

A soft cover landscape book, wire bound on the left. The Palm Pager has a transparent plastic cover and firm backing board.

The pages of this "brag book" are printed on genuine Fuji Crystal Archive HD photographic paper.

The basic book includes 5 pages (5 sheets printed on one side).

Additional pages can be ordered one page at a time as you create in the software.

Available sizes:

6x4 inch (100x150mm/Jumbo size)

5x7.5 inch (125x195mm)

6x9 inch (150x225mm - close to A5)

8x12 inch (200x300mm - close to A4)

If you select "Professional Color Correction", we ensure the images are corrected for best viewing in the book.

Palm Pager : Brag Book  -  Genuine Photographic prints Basic 5 pages Additional pages
6x4 inch Palm Pager  (100x150mm) R  75 R  3.00 each
5x7.5 inch Palm Pager  (125x195mm) R  85 R  7.00 each
6x9 inch Palm Pager  (150x225mm) R 100 R  9.00 each
8x12 inch Palm Pager  (200x300mm) R200 R22.00 each



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