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Studio22 offers Premium Digital Press printing on all Coffee Table Books. The highest quality printing available in this format.


About our paper:

All Studio22 Coffee Table Books are printed on premium coated and FSC certified silk paper, ensuring you have the highest quality paper from responsible sources, designed for digital press printing.

Paper weights:

The A5, 20x20cm and A4 books are printed on 150gsm paper, on the larger 30x30cm and A3 we use a slightly heavier paper from 170gsm to 200gsm, for books of 80 or more pages, we use 130gsm. We reserve the right to change this option without notice, to best serve the purposes of the binding for that particular book.

What is Premium Digital Press?

Digital Press printing on a production Digital Press = Sharper images with a wider and vibrant colour range, smoother mid-tones with greater shadow detail and natural soft skin tones. Truly The Photographers' Choice in Coffee Table Book printing.

Digital printing has been around for many year in the form of desktop printers. Digital printing allows small print runs with a minimal waiting period, ideal for photo books. Typically the desktop printer can do medium sized print runs where litho printing would be to expensive. Litho printing requires costly setup fees. Litho printing is the process were the desired image goes through 4 different colours where the plates then roll and print the image on paper. Litho printing is most cost effective with long print runs like newspapers, text books etc.

This is were the Digital press steps in. It delivers the quality of Litho with the speed and cost of standard digital printing. As the digital age has grown and resulted in perfecting current industry machines, so has the digital press also evolved. We now have more advanced digital printers with very high quality and faster turnaround times.



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