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Studio Album Duo

Studio Album Duo


Sorry, this option is only available as a custom album.



Advantages: (200 sleeve album)

  • Printed covers can be produced in an endless selection of designs (You can supply your own)
  • Small – only 190mm x 230mm x 60mm.
  • Light weight – only 0.5kg (excluding prints).
  • Presentable as a one-of-a-kind album.
  • Cost effective alternative to Photo Books or ‘paste in’ option.
  • Slip-in Jumbo (6×4″) sleeves eliminates need for glue compared to paper pages.

The price includes: one layout (with Frontier proof print), the selected album, printing, lamination and binding. If scanning and/or additional artwork is required, please request a quotation.

Studio Album Mini 200
Mini 200 Studio Album Duo  (full colour cover with textured lamination)
Recommended stock album  (as per our in-store sample when available)
Studio Album Mini 300  
Mini 300 Studio Album Duo  (full colour cover with textured lamination)
Recommended stock album  (300 version of the 200 example used)

Terms & Conditions:

We offer a guarantee on our printing, laminating and binding. Studio22 cannot be held liable for any faults with the factory album used. It is the responsibility of the client to thoroughly check this album prior to handing it in for binding. There may be an additional artwork fee if other factory albums are requested or supplied. Layout, printing, laminating and binding requires 5 working days – orders with short deadlines may incur an express fee. If own design is supplied, we suggest a true large format test print is made. Album covers will not be reprinted due to colour profile issues. Prices may change without notice. This online price list replaces any printed price list.

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