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This is our in-house range of hand-crafted albums with 40 or 80 black pages and firm inter-sleeves. Order with a personalised cover, plain leatherette in black, brown or white, also available with a Rustic wooden cover that allows optional laser engraving.

** The Studio Album is available with Bamboo and wooden covers with laser engraving (Additional fee applies), custom made to your requirements – from guess books to portfolios.

See the price list below.

Advantages: Studio Album Square

  • Personalised covers can be produced in an endless selection of designs.
  • Presentable as a one-of-a-kind album.
  • Pages can be added or removed – 80 page is standard (40 double sided sheets)
  • Damaged pages can be exchanged.
  • Displays 8×12 inch (200x300mm) print in landscape or portrait format.
  • Thick inter-sleeve pages add a luxury feel.
  • Damaged books can be repaired.
  • As a Studio22 quality product, we will confidently offer a nationwide guarantee.
  • Photographers can brand the albums.
Style: 40 Pages 80 Pages
Leatherette Studio Album Square or Landscape R 530.00 R 600.00
Personalised Studio Album Square or Landscape R 765.00 R 875.00
A4 Leatherette Studio Album Landscape R 485.00 R 540.00
A4 Personalised Studio Album Landscape R 645.00 R 700.00
A4 Rustic Studio Album Landscape R 545.00 R 610.00


Studio Album Square: 40 page (20 black sheets)

Cover dimensions – 330mm x 375mm x 30mm

Page dimensions – 310mm x 330mm

Weight –  2.0kg  (excluding prints)

Studio Album Square: 80 page (40 black sheets)

Cover dimensions – 330mm x 375mm x 45mm

Page dimensions – 310mm x 330

Weight –  2.8kg  (excluding prints)

Studio Album Landscape: 40 page (20 black sheets)

Cover dimensions – 420.5 mm x 260.8 mm 20 x mm

Page dimensions – 380.00mm x

Weight – 1.7 kg  (excluding prints)

Studio Album Landscape: 80 page (40 black sheets)

Cover dimensions – 370.8mm x  330.2 mm x  20.7 mm

Page dimensions –  330.8 mm x 310.5 mm

Weight – 2.8 kg  (excluding prints)

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