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XW Professional StoryBook Albums

The Ultimate Story Book Album! XW

The XW is available in three sizes: XW24 – XW30 – XW36

Designing two pages side-by-side, you therefore have an effective 24, 30 or 36 inch double page spread for a true panoramic display!

100% flat mounted firm pages

Our XW storybook albums have wide landscape format pages. By mounting the entire sheet flat and binding on the left, the firm 2mm thick page has no fold, gutter or split through the centre. Design is uninterrupted across the entire sheet.

Genuine Leather Covers:

We offer all three our XW Albums with optional genuine leather covers. Black and Brown are standard options while other colour can be arrange to suit your creative whim. Additional fee and time may be required, please enquire.

Laser Engraved Covers:

Genuine Leather or Wooden covers can be customised with laser engraving. The rate is calculated on laser time to engrave and averages at R100 per cover. Additional design and material fees may apply, please enquire.

Cover engraving is an optional extra. Artwork for the cover can be supplied or one of our design team can quote on your requirements. Engraving artwork must be print ready & supplied in Black & White as Vector, PDF or Hi-res Jpeg.

Important note: All artwork needs to be supplied for each order. This includes text, logos, etc…

Our most popular professional storybook album, the XW30:

Each page is a perfectly flat 10×15″ in size (+-250x375mm). When the album is open it is a panoramic 30 inches wide (+-750mm). All pages are printed on genuine photographic paper, mounted and cold laminated with a matt surface. The cover and back page are laminated with a wheat texture.

Watch our Album Maker Tutorials.

Price List :

Printed Covers with Wheat Lamination:

XW Story Book Album size : Price:  20 pages Additional pages : Each
XW24 (8×12” / 20x30cm) R 1,899.00 R 95.00
XW30 (10×15” / 25×37.5cm) R 2,199.00 R 110.00
XW36 (12×18” / 30x45cm) R 2,899.00 R 135.00

Genuine Leather Covers:

XW Story Book Album size : Price:  20 pages Additional pages : Each
XW24 (8×12” / 20x30cm) R 2,599.00 R 95.00
XW30 (10×15” / 25×37.5cm) R 3,199.00 R 110.00
XW36 (12×18” / 30x45cm) R 3,799.00 R 135.00

Rustic Covers: (engraving excluded)

XW Story Book Album size : Price:  20 pages Additional pages : Each
XW24 (8×12” / 20x30cm) R 1,999.00 R 95.00
XW30 (10×15” / 25×37.5cm) R 2,399.00 R 110.00
XW36 (12×18” / 30x45cm) R 2,999.00 R 135.00

Our Premium StoryBook Album from A to Z:

The pages of our XW albums open to a truly flat double page. As photographers have trusted the exceptional colour, quality and longevity of silver halide papers for decades, we knew without hesitation this superior printing process was the one for us. Using Fuji Crystal Archive paper, we pressure laminate and mount each page.

XW24 – open, the width is 24’’ x height of 8” (+-60cm x 20cm).

XW30 – open, the width is 30’’ x height of 10” (+-75cm x 25cm).

XW36 – open, the width is 36’’ x height of 12” (+-90cm x 30cm).

Our XW range of albums are available in three sizes, all standard with 20 landscape pages. Additional pages can be added as needed. Before we print a StoryBook Album, we supply a proof sheet. The colour, contrast and lay-out are identical to the final printed book (excluding the lamination).

Colour advantage:

By printing on genuine photographic paper, all photographers and designers with calibrated screens do not need to make any adjustments to profiles or screen settings whatsoever. Our colour is identical because we print on the same Fuji Crystal Archive paper as all other professional prints.

When will my book be ready?

All products follow a 7 working day cycle. Your deadline will be confirmed via e-mail, or in-store, once it is booked into production. If the production team are at capacity, this time may need to be reassessed. Printing only begins once the payment notice has been received. Urgent orders will incur an express fee.

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