Trio Photo Book Bundles

The ideal option for weddings

Select from a range of bundles. Each Trio bundle consists of one large book and two smaller identical copies. A large book, ideal for the couple and two smaller identical books for the parents.

How to submit?

You need only design one layout in the large book and we will ensure the pages are reduced for the smaller books. The cover dimensions of the smaller book may differ slightly, we will contact you accordingly.

A4 Espresso + two A5 Espresso’sR 1199.00
A4 Cappuccino + two A5 Cappuccino’sR 999.00
 A4 Cappuccino Rustic + two A5 Cappuccino Rustic R 1199.00 (Excluding Engraving)
A4 Latte + two A5 Latte’sR 860.00
A3 Espresso + two A4 Espresso’sR 1850.00
A3 Cappuccino + two A4 Cappuccino’s *R 1429.00
 A3 Cappuccino Rustic + two A4 Cappuccino Rustic R 1850.00 (Excluding Engraving)

When will my order be ready?

All products follow a 7 working day cycle. Your deadline will be confirmed via e-mail, or in-store, once it is booked into production. If the production team are at capacity, this time may need to be reassessed. Printing only begins once the payment notice has been received. Urgent orders will incur an express fee.